2012-04-12 03:05 - Making

These are the guts of a "Pelican System Selector PRO". Actually the second one I bought. I wanted the second to be able to take it apart and tinker. On the front, it's got eight buttons to select from the A/V inputs on the back. (Perfect for my collection of (mostly) older video game consoles.) But it doesn't have a remote control.

In the past, I pulled an IR sensor out of (if I remember correctly) an old TV I found on the street, and played with it enough to know that I could send and read signals from a remote with it and an Arduino. I'm hoping to use that, and some to-be-designed circuitry to act as if I've pressed the physical button, when it detects IR remote signals.

Happily there's a lot of empty space in this thing, so fitting the circuit in here will be a breeze. What I still have to figure out is how to get a signal out of the Arduino, and into this thing, to convince it that I've pressed buttons. So far I've traced out some of the guts. I know that epoxy-blob chip in the middle right is the brain, and which pins to short to select each input. So.. now for a circuit to make that happen!


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