Game Boy Repair

2015-05-25 12:36 - Making

My freshly repaired Game Boy.

A few years ago I kick-started my video game collection with a giant lot from eBay. The less said the better, but in short the condition of most of it was much worse than the description and/or pictures made clear.

One of the items was an original Game Boy. It completely failed to work. It had an ancient, super corroded, set of batteries left in it. I've taken it apart, and the corrosion from leaked battery acid is severe, throughout the unit. The worst damage is to the small board that generates the power rails, most importantly -19 volts for the LCD. For a while I considered designing a replacement for just this part, but the corrosion was so bad that I would have needed to take some big guesses. I ended up grabbing a second cheap one from eBay, with an imperfect display.

Today I took them both apart, putting the first one's display unit into the second one's shell. It works great! Time for some old-school Tetris playing.


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