The Case of the Wrong Resistor

2015-08-03 17:52 - Making

My very incorrect set of resistors.  Dime for scale.  They

Phooey. The PCBs for my clock project arrived today. The silver lining is that I caught this issue early, by diligently preparing all of my the components I would need into a convenient arrangement before I got started. But the issue is that I've got a set of 54.9 ohm resistors, where I need 54.9k ohm resistors. Only off by a factor of a thousand ...

This is totally my mistake, a hasty mis-entry when ordering. But you can also see (from the date at the top of the label) that I placed the order just over a month ago, and didn't catch it until now. I could be assembling right now, but I didn't check until the last minute. Now I've probably got to place another order (where could I get these locally, in just the right value?) and pay shipping and the delay again. And if I've gotta place another order and pay shipping anyway, I'll probably end up buying extra components. I've got six PCBs (PCB fab houses have strange minimum orders), but only enough components to assemble two of them.


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