Crumble Box

2013-10-06 23:20 - Making

Some time ago a friend of mine invented a strategy game called Crumble. (See also the newer rules document. Not different rules, just written and illustrated better.)

He's labored over it for a while. And gone so far as to hire out a laser cutting service to produce a whole lot of game pieces. But never had a really nice box to put them in. We got to talking over this a few weeks back when we were at Maker Faire. And I realized that I have access to a laser cutter, and the inclination to design the nice sort of box he's always hoped for to arrange the pieces in.

The Crumble box I designed in full, with pieces stacked inside. The lids for the boxes.

A detail view of the left side of the box. A detail view of the right side of the box.

I woke up a week ago on Sunday and just decided it was time to get to work. I designed a version that didn't work really well, but learned how to use the laser cutter making it. I revised the design and came up with what you see above. It's a bit hard to tell where the pieces end and the box begins. That's partially the point to the design of the box, but makes the illustration here a bit difficult. It was certainly a fun first project to put together with a new tool, though.


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