nesRF PCB Prototype

2015-01-08 21:31 - Making

The first laser-cut plastic PCB prototype.

Today I made a simple prototype for the physical layout of the PCBs for my nesRF project. Just plastic, laser cut. Here's a picture of the one that goes in the controller, with a couple components also resting in their place. This was a great exercise. The receiver board was just fine, but this one had a few adjustments to make to it which were so much more obvious when in place like this. The button needs to move a bit to avoid the mounting post just next to it (in the other side of the case). And a cut-out of the PCB where the button cap goes will make it more likely to operate smoothly. A couple of the mounting holes were very tight, so they've been expanded. And I was able to check again that all the buttons line up with their openings.


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