nesRF Receiver Prototype A

2015-01-03 12:36 - Making

One sacrificial (already broken) controller was used to break out the connector pins.

I took a break over the holidays, traveling to my Mom's place without any of my nesRF project work with me. This weekend I'm back home, and working on it again. The first step was breaking out the controller pins so I could hook up to them. I had an existing sacrificial SNES controller. It arrived pretty damaged already when I bought it, used. It's been open for some time to do measurements, and now its connector is also proving useful. I attached breadboard-suitable wires to each and prepared to hook it up.

An Arduino Uno board hooked up as a virtual SNES controller.

And here it is, hooked up. The good news is that it's basically working. Interrupts completely drive the output data pin from the input latch and clock pins. And I can successfully send button presses to the console. Right now, I am using the Arduino's serial port to send the data in, rather than the wireless input which will finally be used. I've got a confusing off-by-one error to solve(when I try to send a Down I get an Up, and so on) but the concept has been proven to generally be sound!


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